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Drawbridges Open and Close by Patrick McBriarty and playfully illustrated by Johanna Kim presents a day in the life of Bridge Tender Todd and his sidekick Ponticat to learn about the inner workings, steps, and checks to safely open and close a drawbridge.  As the animal characters go about their day, see how the Narrows Drawbridge of the busy town is shared by a variety of fanciful characters, watercraft, and vehicles.  Will the impatient Terry Turtle ever get across the bridge?  Find out in this wonderful book sure to be a favorite, especially with the brdige builders of tomorrow.  A hardback, full-color, 10 x 7.5 inch book. 42 pages.

Drawbridges Open and Close is the first book in the PTM Werks Series and is now available to ship and in stores in October 2014.  First print, first edition signed copies will be available for a limited time so get yours today.  They make great gifts and kids love reading them over and over again pointing out the details and creating their own side stories as they read.

The PTM Werks Series from Patrick McBriarty, published by CurlyQ Press and distributed by Applewood and Ingram Books, is designed to answer the "why" questions kids often ask about machines all around us that many adults struggle to answer completely.  Utilizing illustrated animal characters in this fanciful the PTM Werks Series is designed to show the behind-the-scenes, mechanics, and procedures in this everyday world of bridges, boats, automobiles, airplanes, spaceships, and vehicles of all kinds.  A second book Airplanes Take off and Land is in early 2015.


"I always loved books as a kid that explained a concept that I didn’t fully grasp when I first saw it.  Drawbridges [Open and Close] is one of those books that does just that.  The drawings, the explanation of how the bridge works, the daily process  that the  Bridge Tender goes through opening and closing the bridge engages the young reader in the marvels of a working bridge that is more than just a simple bridge.  A child can get so much out of Drawbridges when they read it for the first time and even get more out of it when they read or share it with their siblings.  A great book for those who want to understand the world they encounter."  -- Michael Higdon, Retail Manager at the National Building Museum, Washington, D.C.

Drawbridges Open and Close

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